AS2 or AS3?

This at the moment is the crux of my problems. I have tried and created several different designs of drawing board at this point in both As2 and As3. Looking at the many different ways to work with creating a sound input, I am not sure which is actually better because the pros and cons weigh out about equal. (I keep writing As2 into As3 and vice versa as well, I’m getting so confused between the two.)

I am more versed in As2 than I am As3, though there is really not that huge a difference between the two on basic levels.

Additionally, the examples of using FFT and sound input that I can find vary. Currently, it looks like I might find it easier given the resources I have found to focus on pitch with As3, but easier to create a way of working with size in As2. In a way it’s kind of funny, the code is proving to be a really big problem for me, but at the moment it’s less of an understanding issue and more of a “finding resources about it” kind of issue.

Overall, because of the complexity with As3 implementation with what I have discovered so far, I think I will try to work in As2. I am not trying to create something that is vastly complicated, I am trying to create something that shows my idea.

Resource List (Unsorted As2 & As3):


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